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With the upcoming regulations concerning VAT in UAE, it is crucial that you register your company at the earliest.

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Our assistance goes beyond providing efficient consultations for your Tax-related concerns. We offer services that are crafted keeping in mind the convenience of our esteemed clients. We have successfully served organizations and individual taxpayers with our best-in-class services.

Know The Requirements for Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

To get started with our proficient Bookkeeping and accounting services, you need to provide us with these minute details:

The sales figure is a crucial element for the task of Bookkeeping and accounting. We will require those details to provide you with accurate results.


The purchase history of the company along with all the intended purchases that are going to take place in the near future can help us serve you better.


A Bookkeeping service can function better if it receives all the necessary details regarding to finances, and the company expenses are very much a vital part of it.


The bank details are also required. Since there's no third party involved in the service, you can expect a complete confidentiality of the provided details.


The details of cash transactions of your business can help us derive major information regarding your business and allow us to offer you better accounting services.

Invoices and Statements

The list of invoices and statements related to the financial transactions of your business will be needed to provide you with organized Bookkeeping and accounting services.

How our services can help your business adapt to the new tax framework?

Our services are focused on providing error-free reports and details regarding the finance of your business while helping you monitor the cash flow in this latest taxation system.

With our Bookkeeping services, you can monitor the financial sector of your business more effectively. We can offer you all the essential reports that can help you observe the company operations.

Profit and Loss

With all the provided details, our proficient experts can prepare a profit and loss (P & L) report of your business and help you set a business strategy accordingly.

Balance Sheet

You can also avail a detailed balance sheet from our Bookkeeping and accounting experts and get a clear view of the assets, liabilities and equity regarding your business.

VAT Report

The VAT regulations are completely new for the businesses in the UAE. However, you can always rely on our experts for a detailed VAT report that may allow you to understand the matter.


Our experts can also offer an accurate ledger which can give you an overview of the financial transactions for a certain period while providing insights of the finance department of the company.

Trial Balance

Among all the other significant services, our experts also provide you with a trial balance regarding the debit value and credit value balances so that you can track all the transactions accurately.

Price Plans for Various Bookkeeping and Accounting Packages

A small error in your accounting can cost your business some considerable amount of money. It is better to leave that task to the professionals who charge a reasonable price for amazing services.

  • For the businesses with less than 100 transactions per month, we provide Bookkeeping and accounting service worth AED 500, where we provide a single visit of 2 hours.
  • In case of a business with the number of transactions between 100 and 500 per month, we have the AED 900 package of Bookkeeping and accounting, where we provide two visits (2 hours each).
  • If your business usually has 500 to 1000 transactions each month, you can obtain our Bookkeeping service of AED 1300, where we provide three visits (each lasting 2 hours).
  • In case, 1000-2500 transactions take place in your company over the period of a month; we have the AED 2000 Bookkeeping package for you, where we provide four visits (2 hours each).
  • For the businesses with the number of monthly transactions 2500-5000, we offer the AED 3300 package for Bookkeeping service where you can avail up to 4 visits (2 hours each).
  • If your business conducts more than 5000 transactions a month, you have the choice to customize a Bookkeeping service according to your need. The price of the package and the number of visits will vary depending on the need.

Along with these packages, you can enjoy free VAT consultation and free CA consultation from our professional experts.

< 100 100 - 500 500 - 1000 1k - 2.5k 2.5k - 5k 5000+ custom
Price / per mo 399 dhms 900 dhms 1300 dhms 2000 dhms 3300 dhms Custom
Visits: 2 hrs 1 2 3 4 4 As per need
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Register Your SMEs & Corporate Houses for VAT

With the upcoming regulations concerning VAT in UAE, it is crucial that you register your company at the earliest, no matter how small or big it is. Give us a call now, and get expert help in no time. We have the best solutions in store for you.


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