How can QuickBooks hosting shape your dream business idea

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By Julia | July 11th, 2018 | Accounting


How Can QuickBooks Hosting Shape Your Dream Business Idea?

Startups have now become a new normal for each and every type of business. There are millions of business ideas popping up in the world right now while you are reading this article, but only some of them are able to become a reality.

When we talk about the big number of small businesses starting every year, then it also becomes important to look at the number of small businesses that are able to survive. Most of the small businesses are not able to survive for more than 3-4 years and many of them fail in their first year only.

While there are many reasons which contribute towards the failure of the small business, but one of the most important trigger points which intensify the downfall of small business is mismanagement of finance and accounts.

Most of the startups don’t consider finance in their list of important tasks and that’s where the problem starts arising. Managing finance is an art and every business should learn it if they want to see themselves at the top of the industry.

It is true that startups have budget constraints, and they cannot go and pick every business solution available in the market, but smart decisions like QuickBooks can help small business to overcome such situations.

So, in this blog post, we will look at how QuickBooks cloud hosting can shape your dream business idea.

  1. Global accessibility

In this era, being always available for your customer is the only you can survive and win the neck wrenching competition. While most of the solutions which make you always available to your customer are not feasible, but QuickBooks cloud hosting can help you achieve your aim of enhancing your availability.

With QB cloud, you get anywhere, anytime access because the data and software are stored on the cloud. All you will need is a device, internet access, and login credentials. There is also no device restriction on accessing the software as the cloud platform supports each and every type of device with internet access.

  1. Maximum security

Financial data is the most important data for any company and sharing this data on a public platform might not look like a sound idea, but you should know that cloud platform is the safest place for storing your most valuable financial data. The hosting provider follows strict security rules on both virtual and physical level and that’s how they are able to offer bank-level security to their clients.

Encrypted messages, SAS70 Type II data centers, disaster recovery plan and regular security assurance are some of the highlights of the security measures followed by the hosting provider while offering you QuickBooks cloud hosting service.

  1. Multi-user access

Outsourcing employees has now become a trend for small businesses, but making them work as a team is really a challenge. There are many startups that have employees located in different countries and they all can work as a team with the multi-user accessibility of the QuickBooks cloud hosting.

The multi-user access allows multiple people to work on the same file at the same time and with real-time updates. So even if your one employee is sitting in US and another in India, they still will be able to work as a team and they will also be able to enhance their collaboration.

  1. Feasible solution

One of the biggest hurdles for small business while filtering several business solutions is the budget crunch. Small businesses always have a limited budget and that’s why smart decisions become the only tool to survive and grow in the market.

QuickBooks cloud hosting is a very economical solution which costs less than your weekly coffee expenditure. Most of the QB cloud providers offer feasible cloud solution and they don’t even compromise on the quality of the cloud in order to give the best cloud experience at the cheapest price.

  1. Round the clock customer support

When you buy a QuickBooks cloud hosting package then you don’t just buy a space on the cloud but you also buy a whole team of experts who will always be available for solving your problems and providing solutions to your queries.

Cloud hosting providers offer 24/7 customer support without any extra cost. Their team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced IT experts who are well versed in providing the most optimal solution.

So, if you are planning to manage your finances well then there is no other better solution than cloud accounting in the form of QuickBooks cloud hosting. This accounting solution has all the things which a small business needs in order to manage their finances smoothly.

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