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By Julia | January 22nd, 2018 | Accounting


A Complete Guide to Selecting the Right Accounting Software for Your Start-up

Helping your business run faster and smoother, a stable accounting software is the go-to stop for all your business needs nowadays. It does not quite matter whether yours is a start-up just venturing into the market of late or an established name in the industry, your business gets the much-needed impetus to grow and prosper with the help of new-age accounting software that makes everyday operations in trade so much easier – both for the accountants and the business-owners. According to some of the most established names in the business, a good accounting software should have the following features that make it appealing to all and sundry.

  • Is a one-stop solution for all accounting and business needs
  • Has features that notify you when your invoices are viewed
  • Has ease of access for laymen
  • Makes the accountant’s job easier
  • Is able to process and display real-time data.

However, when it comes to choosing one from the many that are readily available online, you must be careful to pick the very best that is suited to the needs of your business. While pricey software is not always proportional to fitting all your requirements like a glove, you will need to keep a few things in mind before selecting one that is suitable for your business. The following is an overview of the regular features and accounting services offered by a reliable accounting software followed by a guide to choosing one that makes the day-to-day operations of your business a lot smoother and takes it several steps forward towards more growth and prosperity.

What can a reliable accounting software do?

In the digital age of advanced technologies and communication, accounting software are a boon to the business-owners, catering to the needs of their businesses and facilitating the accomplishment of routine accounting tasks. Most of the accounting software nowadays also analyse the performance of your business at regular intervals, monitoring the financial health and stability of the business from time to time. The following are the tasks that a reliable accounting software can do for your business, making the daily operations and functioning aspects a cakewalk.

  • Accounting tasks for your business

Basic accounting tasks such as preparing invoices for emails and regular mails, generating financial reports, managing customers, and tracking income and expenditure for businesses are some of the tasks that an accounting software is able to do. If you own a start-up or a small business, chances are that you will mostly need these basic accounting features on a software to work well for you. Most accounting software now comes with the basic features of inventory tracking, vendor management and purchase ordering as well.

  • Tax processing

Preparing for tax is a tedious task, and accounting software these days are enabled with features that let you calculate tax automatically. Additionally, the tax-related features on the accounting software should ideally be prepared for any kind of tax job within a business framework. These tasks may include tax reporting and calculating multiple tax rates. Most of the software available nowadays enables you to download the files and share them with your accountants through emails in a jiffy.

  • Automation for saving time

In the age of automation, we are greatly benefitted by advanced technology that saves our precious time by automating a considerable amount of our routine tasks every day. Similarly, the accounting software for your businesses can also help in saving your time by sending recurring invoices and overdue notifications for payments that are owed to you. Additionally, the software will be able to suggest transaction matches and create invoices from documents with just a few clicks. Some really good accounting software also lets you order for products when the inventory notifies that some items have gone below the threshold that you can customise and set according to your business needs.

  • Integrating third-parties

Making your day-to-day operations easier, accounting software can also be integrated with the other programs and software that you use for your business. Sharing the data automatically in real time, the accounting software can be integrated with POS systems, advanced inventory management systems, payment processing portals, e-commerce gateways, marketing services, Google apps, CRM and ERP.

  • Additional features

In addition to the features stated above, a reliable accounting software should also have some add-ons that will make running your operations within the business framework a lot smoother. The add-on features of the accounting software thus ideally include payment processing and payroll services. A deft accounting software should thus be able to accept online payments for invoices and pay the employees online. Although the add-on features usually cost a little extra, it is best to hike up your cost at the outset and invest in one that you can fall back on in times of need, so you do not have to incur additional costs at a later stage for these services.

How to choose the right software for your business?

Choosing the right accounting software has to be done with careful consideration of the needs of your business minutely. Since every software is designed uniquely and serves a set of purposes, it is imperative that you purchase one that fits your requirements very well. The following factors are crucial when it comes to choosing an accounting software that will help in providing expert financial solutions for your business.

  • Price

The prices for the accounting software vary, depending mostly on the features that you chose and the number of users. These factors determine the pricing for your accounting software. Since most of the companies nowadays offer cloud-based computing and accounting features, availing one at a price range that is not too exorbitant for you is the way to go. However, keep in mind that choosing to have add-on features or adding more than the set number of users will result in additional costs. That is a leap of faith that you need to take for the sake of the prosperity of your business in case the requirements specifically need those features. As a start-up business owner, you are completely at your discretion to choose a moderately priced software, but keep in mind that a little additional cost at the outset is always the wiser option when it comes to business for you will be able to avoid the additional charges incurred for those services at a later stage.

  • User access

The number and type of users who will be accessing the software is also a determinant factor when it comes to selecting one that fits your needs. The following are the three basic types of user accessibility that are found among the accounting software available nowadays. You can take your pick based on the type of user accessibility you need for your start-up.

  • Multiple business support framework

In case you have more than one start-up, then this type of accessibility is ideal for you. Through this type of accessibility, the accounting software supports more than one small businesses within one single framework, tying the data together and set up accounts for each of them. Having a multiple business support framework that includes all your businesses under one accounting umbrella will also save you the additional costs required for setting up individual accounts for each of your businesses.

  • Multi-user accessibility

Multi-user accessibility is a quality that you will want in the accounting software of your choice in case a team of professionals need access to your accounts regularly, be it your team of accountants or business partners. The multi-user accessibility features on most accounting software can be customised to fit your requirements that allow only a handful of people full access and the rest only partial access to the data. You will be the one determining the demarcation, so it is easier for you to choose a software that allows multi-user accessibility in case your business needs require so.

  • Cloud-based accounting access

Keeping pace with the growing demand for cloud-based technology that is accessible online from the computers with Internet or through the mobile phone applications, most of the accounting software now offer you this type of accessibility. Being able to access the data and accounts at any time, on vacation or from home, is now a feature that every new-age business owner wishes for their accounting software to have and you should not be left behind either. Make your start-up jump the bandwagon for cloud-based accessibility and have the opportunity to be able to go through your accounts anywhere, any time.

  • Features

As for the features of the accounting software, ask yourself the following questions before you select one.

  • What are the main purposes that you want the software to serve?
  • What are the reports that you wish for it to generate?
  • Would you be needing both the receivable and payable tools for your accounts?
  • Is inventory tracking a part of your requirements?
  • Do you need add-on features such as payroll and project management?

The features of a reliable software have been discussed above, so while selecting one for your business, be careful to take those into consideration in addition to the answers to the queries listed here.

Now that you know how to select the accounting software that is a good match for your business, you can browse online for some viable options or consult the expert accountants and financial advisors to guide you towards the right direction.

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