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Our expert VAT consultants and tax advisors offer reliable bookkeeping services for every business house in and around UAE. It is to be mentioned that maintaining a systematic and well-organized financial transaction is certainly important for every business. Bookkeeping is nothing but the maintenance of records and every other financial information related to the business on a day-to-day basis. As a responsible and experienced VAT consultant firm, we would suggest you to record every single transaction made in the business meticulously, whether it’s a sale or a purchase.

If you are not keeping track of the transactions on a regular basis, then the entire idea of running an organized and secured business in terms of finance will be affected in a wrong way.

For instance, every business house will be required to present updated sheets and record statements of their transactions as and when asked by the government officials. Now in case you fail to come up with an updated document, then that might give rise to a lot of future complications, thus ruining a smooth flowing trade. This is the reason it is suggested that in addition to registering businesses under VAT and every other compliance requirement, one must also consider the importance of bookkeeping as well.

Our company has some of the best bookkeeping experts available, having years of knowledge, and well acquired concepts on bookkeeping, tax advisory solutions, VAT consultation and more. One should consider maintaining three types of bookkeeping accounts in order to record transactions related to the Value Added Tax.

VAT on Inputs Account

This will basically show a debit. The VAT officials owe you an amount for the tax paid and which you are entitled to receive from the authorities.

VAT on Transactions Account

This account generally shows a credit. As discussed earlier, the VAT officials are entitled to receive the Value Added Tax from you which collected by you from them. It is to be noted that the amount is not yours, and it is only in your possession for a temporary frame of time. The money will remain with you until the due date of VAT payment arrives.

VAT Debit/Credit Account

The first two accounts discussed above are posted in this account. The account balance might show a credit when the periodic report to the Value Added Tax is for an amount yet to be made. It might show you a debit if the periodic report shows you an amount which is to be refunded.

Well, here is an example of how a VAT bookkeeping entry would look like.


As you can see that the entire procedure of VAT bookkeeping and maintaining daily transaction record is in-depth and carefully calculated with accurate information and in an absolute calculative manner, it goes without saying that it would seem to be somewhat difficult for a single person to manage business, deal with clients and maintain a book account simultaneously. This is the reason we are here. Our VAT bookkeeping experts know how to maintain informative and in-depth entries with utmost perfection and focus. In case you are looking for professionals to handle your daily transaction record, then getting in touch with us will certainly assist you in maintaining accounting records flawlessly. It takes great skills and well acquired expertise to be absolutely error-free in maintaining such technically accurate sheets.

You can expect to have your business secured and updated with the following services which we have in store:
  • Maintenance of fixed asset register
  • Cash flow Monitoring
  • Processing of Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Transaction Recording

We can also prepare financial statements on your behalf. It is nothing but and approach with the help of which your business can be analyzed and measured. Maintaining financial statement is absolutely helpful and important for every business house. It helps the business houses to analyze, plan and control various aspect of the trade, which as a result will assist the executives and business heads in taking better management decisions on various occasions.

If you decide to work with us and allow our experts come up with the aforementioned assistance, then ensuring a smooth flow of trade with every vital aspect being covered will be simpler than ever.

Our bookkeepers having years of expertise and well-acquired knowledge are simply excellent in:
  • Entering daily transactions
  • Setting up software and accounting system properly
  • Performing reconciliations, checks and end of the year processes
  • Providing business support and administrative assistance
  • Undertaking payroll management responsibilities
Talking of payroll management, we would like to mention that the experts associated with our firm know how to get the task done with absolute precision. You can simply choose to outsource your payroll processing and management task to us. Our experts shall prove to be helpful for you on the following grounds.
  • Employee benefit calculation
  • Employees’ End of Service calculation
  • Payroll processing via Wage Protection System
  • Timesheet Encoding

We would also like to mention the fact that the VAT bookkeeping experts associated with us have been recruited after a rigorous process of interview and training. So, you can stay assured that by associating with our experts to have your record of transaction maintained, nothing less than a thoroughly revised and technically accurate book of account will be maintained by our executives on behalf of your business and its daily transaction.

Simply give us a call or drop a mail in order to get in touch with the experts during any time of the day. We shall make sure that the best advisory solution comes your way, along with the assurance of preparing the record of account with every minute detail of transaction recorded in the sheet.

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