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Cabinet Resolution No. 40 of 2017: An Overview of the Administrative Penalties in UAE

From January 1, 2018, UAE is going to witness the implementation of VAT (a taxation system focused on consumers). But before that big event, the government is making sure all the countrymen have adequate knowledge about the new tax regulations. In a press conference, a government spokesperson revealed that...
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How VAT Regulations Are Going to Affect Rate of FDI in UAE?

The federation of seven emirates has been considered a safe playground for the investors since the beginning of this century, especially when the countries like Libya, Syria and Egypt were going through some serious turbulence. The low tax rates and other favorable conditions have helped a great number of...
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A Comprehensive View on Possible Impact of VAT on Expats in UAE

With the VAT Laws all set to be implemented in UAE, there are certain regulations and charges that will be imposed on the expatriates by the exchange houses. These charges and tax amount to be imposed on the remittances may come under the concerns of imminent VAT, according to...
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Fines and Penalties for Non-compliance of VAT Regulations in UAE

In a recent announcement, the government of UAE has revealed the fees and penalties for non-compliance of value-added tax (VAT) regulations as the date for VAT (a consumer-focused taxation system) implementation approaches. This latest tax regulation, which is supposed to be implemented from January 1, 2018, covers a great...

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